Why Suffolk Hut Makers For Your Shepherds Hut in 2021?

We are Tom and John and our aim is to build beautiful things. Why shepherds huts you ask? Because we love huts.

Started in Rendham, Suffolk during 2014 by Thomas Jack Wray (a well regarded local craftsman) followed soon after by John Archer (boat builder by trade). Suffolk Hut Makers have been ambitious from the start. Now with many new builds and more than a few hut restorations under our belt we find ourself in a our new Dennington/Laxfield workshop and excited about the future challenges for the business.

Suffolk hut makers have gained a great insight into the world of shepherds huts through hut restoration projects, some of which have been over 100 years old. Using this insight along with time served carpentry experience we are always looking to better our huts and find the process to be a continual learning experience.

You will find Suffolk Hut Makers an honest, friendly and hard working bunch who’s craftsmanship is second to none and a place where the customer comes first.