Look at our taps!

Taps are the present theme. The sink tap has been specially imported from New Zealand for our current customers. Normally only fitted in the finest of classic yachts, it was a real pleasure to be able to fit this in one of our huts. The customer has a water tank and a silent fridge in the under sink cabinetry making a very smart and efficient galley solution.

Inside a Suffolk Hut Makers Hut- NICE TAP

The tap lights are created with our ¬†hands. Signed off and installed with our almost resident electrician……thank you Will!!! Having done these we are keeping an eye out at local reclamation yards for perfect pairs of victorian taps to work similar magic on.

Tap Light - Nice TAPS!!!

If you have any ideas for new light design, please let us know as we can make anything work in a Suffolk Hut Makers Hut. Watch this space!

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