Under a shepherds hut

We like to think that our huts will be around for the next 100 years. Having recently completed a hut over 140 years old it was interesting to see what woodwork had survived and what had perished.  The floor on the Victorian hut had held up well only suffering major damage where the rain came through the holes in the roof.

Due to the 100mm of insulation Suffolk Hut Makers Ltd use in their floors the construction is slightly different but the principles of keeping it weatherproof and dry are much the same.

We use treated softwood timber in the making of our floors and like them to be panelled in tongue and groove. The reason for this is no old shepherds huts have plywood or OSB floors and in keeping with heritage neither do ours. After 3 coats of black bitumen based barn paint the result is a very weatherproof and dare I say ‘very pretty’ shepherds hut floor.

Shepherds hut floor

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